Business Rules: Getting rid of deprecated Type ONE

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In 2017, Business Rule type ONE was deprecated and accordingly labeled with the following description: One - deprecated, no JavaScript support inside expressions

Currently, there still exist some Business Rules with type ONE. To ensure continued support of these Business Rules, they should be updated to type TWO.
Since the supported features of type ONE are a subset of the features of type TWO, this will be a smooth, non-disruptive change. All you need to do, is to update these Business Rules in Admin UI.

In case you have Business Rules of type ONE, we would like to ask you to complete this update for all affected Business Rules until 03.12.2022

After that date, Business Rules, which are still defined with type ONE, will be updated to type TWO by the system in an automated way.

To determine the Business Rules which still exist with Type ONE, you can use the Query API in the Admin UI and enter the following query:
select, x.code, from CustomRule x where x.type = 'ONE'

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