SAP FSM - The Android mobile app will update the SQL libraries and SQL ciphers

Dear customers and partners

With the 10.2.0 release on Android in June SAP will update their SQL libraries and SQL ciphers to their latest available versions to be compliant with Android 12. These updates will also have the benefit of improved performance, security and reliability of the Android app. 


What do you need to do?

If you use embedded websites in the Android app (SAML, web containers etc), the owner of those embedded websites needs to ensure, that the new “sameSite” regulations for cookies do not break the website or its functionality. More information on the new “sameSite” regulations can be found here. 


To verify this, you might need the experience of a web developer to ensure that your embedded website is compliant with these changes. For the web developers, the general guidance is to identify the cross-site cookie dependencies in your critical user flows and ensure that the SameSite attribute (Strict, Lax or None) is explicitly set.


Please also find some more information here.


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