New Standard Policies for Auto Scheduling

Dear Customer and Partners

The Auto Scheduling functionalities of SAP Field Service Management have seen a growing adoption among customers over the past years. Therefore, SAP decided to make the topic more accessible and easier to understand.

As result of this initiative, SAP created the new Policy Designer application, which became generally available with the 2202 release.


Along with the Policy Designer, SAP introduced a new framework that supports assembling Plugins based on a framework of modular building blocks (Rules and Objectives) which can be configured to implement different Auto Scheduling Policies. A Policy is the result of pairing a Plugin with a particular Configuration.


What's new?

The previously used Standard Plugins were migrated to new Standard Policies whose details can be viewed in the Policy Designer.

In addition to that, SAP established a logical and functional consistency between the four Standard Policies and adapted their names to ensure the most accurate representation of their functionality.

Please refer to Public Documentation for further details.


The following Standard Policies are now available:

  1. Skills
  2. Distance
  3. DistanceAndSkills
  4. Earliest

What do you need to do now?

SAP asks all customers, partners and colleagues to update any Business Rules and REST API Calls that are using the legacy Standard Plugins (Best, Nearest, SkillsAndDistance, Quickest) to start using the equivalent new Standard Policy.

Please also instruct users who are currently using the Best Matching Technician feature with legacy Standard Plugins (Best, Nearest, SkillsAndDistance, Quickest) to switch to the new Standard Policies.

Details about which Policy replaces which legacy Plugin can be found in our Public Documentation.


Until 30 June 2022, the legacy Standard Plugins remain available side by side with the new Standard PoliciesAfter this date, SAP is going to delete the legacy Standard Plugins from all SAP Field Service Management companies.


Thanks for your notice and action. In case you have questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to open a Support Ticket.

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