General availability of new Customer Self-Service Admin modules

Dear partners and customers

As previously stated in the 2108 and 2111 release announcements, new administration modules for Customer Self-Service were introduced as part of the Preview Program. These changes will be put into effect by 20 May 2022 as part of the 2205 release.


The Preview Program contains new Settings & Configurations, QR-Code and User Management screens which are fully integrated into the core of SAP Field Service Management. These new administration modules align with SAP Fiori Look & Feel, and by relocating them to a centralized location it will now be easier to maintain all SAP Field Service Management modules within one backend. 


With the general availability of those new modules, SAP will sunset the current Customer Self-Service Admin. This will result in the following changes:

  • Separating the current Self-Service Admin interface into two modules integrated into the areas of Settings & Configuration and Customer Self-Service accessible via the App Drawer
  • Based on SAP Fiori Look & Feel, some parts will be slightly different to configure
  • The entry point "Dashboard" containing Highcharts and Tutorial will no longer be available. Your own Highcharts will still be accessible in the Analytics and Reports application (NOW Admin Dashboard)
  • Through the lack of usage, it will no longer be possible to use Customer Self-Service Assistant in combination with Items. This means that assigning Moments-Sets and QR-Codes (pairing) to Items is no longer possible.
  • The current URL ending with /admin will no longer be used. Please update your browser's bookmarks in case you have stored the URL.

Should you have questions or concerns, please feel free to create a ticket or write us an email. 


Best Regards

Karsten Amrein

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