SAP FSM - Limiting the frequency of scheduled Business Rules to 15 minutes

In order to protect the SAP FSM systems from Business Rules which produce too much load, scheduled rules will not be scheduled more often than every 15 minutes.
Actually already in the past it was not possible to define Business Rules with a higher frequency than every 15 minutes.
Only in case you created Business Rules by bypassing the user interface (for example by entering the Cron-expression in an JSON file, which then is uploaded into the system as a Business Rule definition) there might be rules with such a higher frequency.
From the 1st February 2022 Business Rules with cron expressions like * * * * * will not be scheduled every minute any more but only every 15 minutes.
To get a fast indication whether scheduled rules of your Account are affected, you could verify it in Admin UI on Account level via the report Business Rule Jobs (at the end of the left side menu). This will show you a list with all enabled scheduled Business Rules including the respective Cron expressions.
Usually scheduled rules with high frequency are defined in this way to react or follow up very fast on specific occurrences. In such cases where you need to react right after a certain situation happens, it might be worth to consider the definition of an appropriate event triggered rule.

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