coresuite onPremise 7.50 - Official Release

We are delighted to inform you of our latest Coresuite onPremise Release! Version 7.50 is now available for automatic and manual download.

This release contains improvements and bug fixes - for the full list please refer to our Release Notes FAQ.

Here are some Highlights of the 7.50 Release:


Enterprise Search

When we took a closer look at tickets where it had been reported that coresuite does not always start as expected and/or not all expected modules or menu items were loaded/usable/available, we found a strong connection to the use of (custom) Widgets in SAP Dashboards.
As most of you are aware, we stopped supporting our own widgets many years ago.
On closer inspection, it transpired that even if you did not add the Coresuite Enterprise Search Widget (the last available Coresuite Widget) to any SBO user's Cockpit, the behaviour described in the aforementioned FAQs might still occur. We, therefore, decided to remove the Coresuite Enterprise Search widget by default.
Yet, for those customers who prefer to continue using the Enterprise Search as a Cockpit widget and do not mind that they occasionally face any potential issues as described above, we added the option re-activate its use.
Please check our Coresuite Enterprise Search (Cockpit) Widget FAQ!


Coresuite Time

Anybody using "Working Time Models" and "Time Accounts" in Coresuite Time most likely noticed extreme general performance issues after upgrading their system to SAP Business One 10.0 - and other than temporarily disabling this functionality, there had been no workaround until now.
Take a look at our [Working Time Model] New options to improve performance when "Working Time Model" functionality is activated FAQ to learn about it!


Coresuite Framework

We have now implemented static rules that take module dependencies into account and control the order of the installation and loading of all (standard and custom) modules. From now on you will receive notification when Coresuite faces an obstacle when depended modules are either missing or not active.


Coresuite Designer

If you facing issues with the print queue - this version is for you. We implemented some improvements in the print queue handling but also added additional logging, so it should be much easier to establish what might be causing an issue. Contact us, in case you are still facing issues.


Swiss Payment

We made sure that both, the "Record payment slip" and the "Payment wizard swiss" forms, now load at an acceptable speed - Happy Days, Enjoy!

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