coresuite onPremise 7.45 - Official Release

We are delighted to inform you of our latest Coresuite onPremise Release! Version 7.45 is now available for automatic and manual download.

This release contains improvements and bug fixes - for the full list please refer to our Release Notes FAQ.

Here are some Highlights of the 7.45 Release:


Coresuite Customize

Import the "New Menu" rule as detailed in our Access Coresuite Log FAQ and off you go: No more searching for our "Coresuite Debug" logs! All upon the click of a button!


Coresuite Designer

Finally! External Reports of type "Crystal Reports" are up and running again. Check out our Support of Coresuite Designer - External Report, Type: Crystal Reports FAQ for more details.


Swiss Payment

The journey continues!
After successfully implementing the new Swiss QR-Bill (2020) last year, we have continued to add small improvements ever since.
Unfortunately, with an improvement added in 7.40, we were also caught by an ancient nonsensical feature which ended up causing you and many customers some pain (pun intended!): The generation of the pain.001 file either completely failed completely without pointing to the culprit, or the file was indeed created but not with the details required. This has now been taken care of with the latest release. Please check out the full Release Notes FAQ and also our [Swiss Payment] Instruction for removing IBAN values automatically created for ISR Bank Account details - IBAN clean-up FAQ.

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