SAP FSM - FSM Bulk API breaking change

Please be aware that as per 31.10.2021 SAP will introduce a breaking change in Bulk API.


SAP have decided to limit and default the size of a single bulk-request to 100 objects. This change may require adjustments on your side and is based on outcomes of system performance analysis SAP ran over last weeks.

In November 2021 the improvement will go live and before this date SAP kindly ask you to revise bulk payload size on your projects and limit it to 100 objects. This update will help to immediately improve overall system performance and will make you aligned with upcoming changes.

Please note that any attempt to include more than 100 objects in a single bulk-update request will result in an error raised by the system.

Overview of the Bulk API is available under the following link:


In case of any questions, please contact our Support. 


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