coresuite onPremise 7.40 - Official Release

We are delighted to inform you of our latest Coresuite onPremise Release! Version 7.40 is now available for automatic and manual download.

This release contains improvements and bug fixes - for the full list please refer to our Release Notes FAQ.

Here are some Highlights of the 7.40 Release:


Coresuite Designer

As described in our Extension of LD.AddAttachment function FAQ, we extended the LD.AddAttachment function to also facilitate (physical) printing.
We did this, so partners no longer have to use "tricky workarounds" to help their customers to print additional "documents" with their AR Invoices etc.
The above-mentioned FAQ describes what we extended, and how the function can be used easily. The function works for native Coresuite Designer but also in combination with Coresuite Service, and can also be used directly in Coresuite Customize. In addition to a sample script to be used in Layouts, which we explain in the details in the FAQ, we have extended the existing Optimizer sample rule "DOC:0020: Add Additional Attachments" to cover attachment printing and renamed it to "DOC:0020: Add Or Print Additional Attachments".


Coresuite Enterprise Search

Thanks to the changes applied, our tests showed that for the scenarios tested, we more than doubled the speed of the search process.

We also implemented that Coresuite Enterprise now starts automatically, no matter if you have the Cockpit enabled or not.


Coresuite Framework

Welcome to our new and improved logging mechanism! Please check our Change of standard logging mechanism to NLog FAQ for more details.

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