SAP FSM - ERP API v2 is discontinued by the 31st of July

Dear Partners and Customers


Since long ago SAP FSM exposes an ERP API v2, which main purpose is to connect non-SAP ERP systems with SAP FSM. As per logging and monitoring tools this API has not been used by any FSM customer over the recent months (at least). While putting the full focus on building seamless integration with various products of SAP ecosystem, SAP FSM has made the decision to sunset the ERP API v2 by the 31st of July.  


No action is required and no impact is made by the change, unless you plan to build an integration with a non-SAP ERP using ERP API v2. All existing integrations for SAP products (ECC, S4, Business One, C4C, etc.) including custom integrations using other FSM APIs (e.g. Data APIv4 and Query API) will not be affected and will keep working as before.


In case of questions or concerns, please contact us by sending an email or by our helpdesk.


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