SAP FSM - Automated Disabling of Always Failing Business Rules by 1st September 2021

Dear Customers and Partners


In order to further optimize performance and sustainability of the SAP FSM systems, SAP is reducing the number of erroneous Business Rule executions.

Therefore from the 1st September 2021, SAP will start to disable rules, which are always failing, in an automated way.

Determination of such Business Rules will happen according to following criteria:

  • Either the last 1000 executions have failed without having a successful execution in between
  • Or the rule constantly failed during the past 4 weeks. To be more precise, the system will check whether during each of the past 4 weeks at least 7 failed executions happened (which means on average at least one failed execution per day) and in between there was no single successful execution during these past 4 weeks.


Additional remark: For the past several months, SAP has already been sending an alert email to the technical contact of a Business Rule, in the event automated daily running system health checks recognizes a significant percentage of failures of the respective Business Rule. Therefore these always failing Business Rules are made transparent after the first day when these failures happen.


In case of questions regarding the changes, please contact our Support using the helpdesk.


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