SAP FSM - Critical issue in Android Version 9.2.0 identified and resolved

Dear Partners and Customers, 


an issue in the latest version of SAP Field Service Management on Android, 9.2.0, has been identified.


If you're using additional workflow steps between the steps checkout and close, e.g. "Travel back" as shown below, the app gets stuck in a loop. 




Technicians then are not able to close the activity and only can click "Continue", but the activity is never closed as shown in the attachment. 

We therefore ask you to not update the app to 9.2.0, if you're using WFS between checkout and close.


Note: In case you're using HTML-Reports and therefore a Report-step instead of Checkout, you're not affected by the bug, according to our testing. 


SAP is already notified and their engineers are working on a fix for this behavior.

Please open a ticket on our helpdesk for further notification and please excuse any inconvenience caused by this behavior. 



Status Update: The SAP engineering team is currently preparing a hotfix which will be deployed as fast as possible.

We appreciate your patience, and will keep you updated until the issue is resolved.




Status Update: The SAP engineering team prepared a hotfix for this issue.
Version 9.2.1 is now available in Google Play Store. 

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