FSM Planning and Dispatching 6.43.0 - Change of behaviour in Planning List

SAP has announced a change on their SAP Customer Experience Wiki:

Read the original article here: https://wiki.hybris.com/x/ouYnGw


 Important: The new planning board will be enabled for all customers on 11 May 2019 

Prior to version 6.43.0

The “Planning and Dispatching” module, the Planning List maintained the order of the columns as arranged by the user. Each rearrangement was persisted, and therefore at the next login the user would find 
the same column order that was previously set.

Change of Behaviour

Starting with 6.43.0 and currently in preview, the current library used for rendering the Planning List has been replaced with a new component. As a result, users will need to rearrange Planning List columns, as it is not possible to migrate the column order from the previously-used component. This is a one-time action and after the user has rearranged the columns into their desired order, all changes will be persisted.

Old component


New component



The new component offers the following benefits:

1.The rendering is faster than the previous one, therefore the user 
experience will be improved.
2.It allows users to view activities grouped by service call and to expand and 
collapse them all in one shot

3.Is much easier to resize a header
4.A useful tooltip displays the most important information of the activity, 
without the need of scrolling over multiple fields
5.We removed the limitation that allows to see only the first 200 activities. You can now see any activity which is ready for planning

Caution Points

Order of columns defined with old component will be lost and a predefined order of columns (represented below) will be used. The user would then need to once again rearrange the columns to the desired 
order, if the default order doesn’t meet the user’s needs.

Predefined Order of shown columns

Service Call code
Service Call Subject
Service Call Status

Service Call Priority
Service Call Type
Service Call Problem Type
Service Call Equipment List
BP Code
BP Name
Service Call Due Date
Service Call Remarks
Service Call Address (street, street nr. zipCode, City, State, Country)
Service Call Responsible
Activity Code
Activity Subject
Activity Tooltip 
Activity Earliest Start Date
Activity Due Date
Activity Original Estimated Duration
Activity Service Assignment Status
Activity Equipment Name
Activity Serial Number
Activity Remarks
Any other property or custom field can be added from the settings menu


Elastic Search shall be enabled in the account to be able to use the new 
component. Contact your administrator to ensure that Elastic Search is enabled.

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