SAP FSM - Change of behavior for released Servicecalls and Activities on reassignment

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With the 2111 release, SAP will change the behavior for released Servicecalls and Activities on reassignment to a new Technician. This only applies to manual reassignment on the Planning board.
Reassignments through the Auto Scheduler/Optimization engine are not affected.

Current behavior: Released Activities that are reassigned to a new Technician and then released are copied to the new technician, while the old activity gets marked as cancelled. The full information Activity is retained. This behavior only holds true for Manual reassignments on the Planning board.

Future behavior ( Release 2111): Release Activities that are reassigned and released to a new Technician are directly assigned to the new technician, no copy is created.

Potential impact: Any Non-Standard integration to ECC, C4C might be affected if they rely on the coping of the Servicecall/Activity including Business Rules relying on the copy of an activity.


Reason for change: To unify the behavior of the Auto Scheduler/Optimizer and the Manual Planning.


Further information can be found in the SAP FSM documentation.


In case of questions regarding the changes, please contact our Support using the helpdesk.

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