SAP FSM - CA TLS Root certificate expiration on 30. September 2021

Dear Partners and Customers, 


we would like to inform you that the current TLS root certificate (from certificate authority Let's Encrypt) that SAP FSM uses to issue their server certificates will expire on 30. September 2021. As a result, Let's Encrypt has created a new root certificate called "ISRG Root X1". This certificate should be installed on all devices and systems with regular system updates.

All mobile devices bought later then 2016 should already have this certificate preinstalled. 


In case you are not sure about this new root certificate support or need more details please visit the SAP FSM announcement at

You will find a list of compatible systems and devices as well as instructions for testing devices if you are not sure whether they are affected by this change. Additionally, you will find links to manually download and install the certificate. 


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