SAP FSM - Decommission of FSM Multi-tenant Crowd

This is follow-up of the announcement about decommission of FSM multi-tenant crowd as already mentioned in our helpdesk.

The multi-tenant crowd has been decommissioned since 15 November 2020.

We kindly ask you contact our support to help migrating your multi-tenant crowd to single tenant crowd if you are still using the multi-tenant crowd.

The multi-tenant crowd will be cleaned up from 15 March 2021 with following actions:

  • All of companies with crowd type of main contractor/service partner will be switched to non-crowd
  • Multi-tenant crowd related data objects -- crowd assignment, crowd business partner,  crowd person and crowd skill will be removed.
  • All of multi-tenant crowd example business rules will be deactivated.

In case you have customized business rules using above objects. Please do the adjustment based on following documentation:

In case of any questions please reach out to our support.

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