SAP FSM - Migrating to the new "Read Model" Solution

Dear SAP FSM customers and partners,

It has been two weeks since SAP turned on the performance-improving Read Model. Learn more about the game-changer here.

With this in mind, we announce that SAP will now begin decommissioning the old solution.

What changes:

Nothing for you.

The change happened already two weeks ago and since then you only see the new solution. The old solution (FTS) has been running as a backup. SAP will disable partials of the old solution starting today and complete the decommission in Q1 2021.

The limitations of FTS have been announced here.

When does it change:

For CN, AU, and US cluster today 14th December. For IE and DE tomorrow December 15th.

What's the impact:

There are no negative or visible impacts.

The improvement to the cloud solution will be immense, saving hours of resources which can now be used to serve more traffic improving performance by the hundreds (see the two linked articles).

What do you have to do:


In case you encounter any problem please contact our support. 

Why even tell this then:

SAP learned over the past that large-scale changes coming to production unannounced (even when not visible) have not been perceived too well, especially if an unpredicted problem arises. Therefore SAP is proactively communicating this change.

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