SAP FSM - FSM Mobile -Background attachment downloads

Note: Background synchronization is enabled again from 09.11.2020.


The following versions of the mobile applications will allow your field service engineers to upload and download attachments in the background :

  • iOS starting from version 8.6.0 and 8.6.1 
  • Android starting from version 8.0.0
  • Windows starting from version 10.2.0 


Enabling this feature will allow quicker processing of attachments and improve overall synchronization times. Previously, attachments would be downloaded in a batch transaction. This meant that if an interruption occurred in the network connectivity, then the entire download process would have to be restarted. Now, with background downloads, each attachment is uploaded or downloaded individually; if there is an interruption in connectivity, the process will resume where it stopped as soon as a network connection is detected. 

  • An attachment is uploaded in the background whenever the parent object (Activity, Smartform) it is linked to has been sent to the cloud.
  • Attachments are downloaded in the background if the caching of attachments is enabled.


Note: There may be a delay between when an activity is closed and when the last attachment linked to this activity is sent to the cloud. If you use a business rule to generate reports, you may need to add a delay to the Business rule execution to ensure all attachments have been uploaded before the rule is triggered.


Additionally it's possible to enable a background synchronization within SAP FSM. Check out the docs here:

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