Information about the future of Coresystems and its SAP Business One Business Addons

As we are receiving an increased number of questions in regards to the future roadmap for the Coresystems’ SAP Business One Addons, we have decided to compile a list of Q&As. Should your questions not be included, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team (


Is Coresystems planning to cancel or stop the development of SAP Business One Addons?

No. We neither intend to stop nor to cancel any development at all.


Looking back, we could see more developments for the Coresystems Field Service Solution, but less on the other products. Why?

Your impression is not wrong. To become a leader in the Field Service Industry with innovative apps, we were strongly focusing on the field service part. This shift of focus resulted in moving more into the direction of providing only basic maintenance for our previous core products (Coresystems’ SAP Business One Addons).


What does the future hold for Coresystems’ SAP Business One Addons?

We are now in the position to re-focus on our previous core products (Coresystems’ SAP Business One Addons). We are currently in the process of re-organizing the company in such a way, to again build up a team to fully focus on previous core products, whereas the other team continues full steam ahead with our Coresystems FSM.


If you are working on the Coresystems’ SAP Business One Addons again, where can I get a roadmap?

As we are still in the process of re-organizing the company, we are not yet in the position to release a roadmap as of now. This is to not raise expectations until we can really commit. What we can offer in the meantime is our product feedback page where we collect your input . This page is regularly maintained by us to review your feedback to take it into consideration for any future enhancements of the previous core products (Coresystems’ SAP Business One Addons).


In the past, the core products (Coresystems’ SAP Business One Addons) community heavily used the Coresystems’ forum to exchange their ideas, helped each other with implementation ideas/approaches and raised important topics that were globally relevant – will something like that be available again in future?

We are currently investigating how to provide you again with a similar platform. Please note, the new platform would focus on helping each other (Partners and Customers) and should not replace our official Support Channel ( -> Submit a Request). To share announcements, official documentation we would continue using as our main portal to support you.


will development be open to suggestions from B1 customers?

Now that we can focus again on our initial core business, we welcome your input and suggestions. Please use our Coresuite Product Feedback page:


What is the next planned innovation?    

A new Roadmap will be published in due course. We are currently considering various inputs from the SAP Business One Roadmap, our own Coresuite Product Feedback ( page and SAP Business One customers. In the short-term we are considering Designer as a Service and the SAP Hosted Cloud compatibility.


Will CS Time get more functions and will it be integrated in SAP B1 Project management? 

With every new Release, we continue to add improvements and new functions to Coresuite Time.In regards to integrating SAP Business One Project Management with Coresuite Time, that would be a topic to be added to our Coresuite Product Feedback page (, so we could consider it for future development.


What about Swiss Payment Functions? Can we plan with it in future?   

We will continue to improve our Swiss Payment module. Additional details regards swiss payment will be made available via an FAQ in the near future.


Will the Coresuite framework be updated to fit the current state of b1-sdk and how soon will this happen?  

We have already started to improve our framework and align it with the latest SAP Business One SDK.


If you have custom FSM development that was done by Coresystems, will this be supported in future and future SAP enhancements? 

Custom FSM developments are based on the standard FSM solution and adapted with specific customization (e.g. Screen Configuration, Business Rules). This is part of the FSM solution where SAP is responsible from now on.

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