Empty Financial Reports

Issue description

Accounting Reports e.g. Profit and Loss (FIN05404) are blank when preview/printing;

The same reports might have worked previously and no SBO or coresuite update has been applied since

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Troubleshooting steps/tips

  1. ensure that the parameters are set to bring results (e.g. date!)
  2. log the query, and run the query in SQL => if there are results, then issue must be with the layout itself, if there are no results, go to 3.
  3. either check the COR_FIN_ACCTGRPMSK
    1. via Tools->User-Defined Windows OR
    2. via Query:

The COR_FIN_ACCTGRPMSK must not be empty. By definition, this table is automatically filled with the content of groupmask.xml. This file is saved under %ProgramFiles%\SAP\SAP Business One\AddOns\COR\coresuite\COR_LD_Accounting\CountryClasses\...<Country matching the LawSet of your DB>...\

GroupMask: coresuite accounting uses the GroupMask to determine if an account is a Balance or a Profit&Loss account. As this determination varies locally,

this mapping is required.


  • simply open  COR_ACCT_CONF (accounting configuration) udt, change value for version (last digit, to one lower); during restart, accouting is newly initialised, and the table is filled again
    • if this shouldn't help update the version field in COR_ACCT_CONF with the value from the coresuite administration
  • ensure that the windows user has read/write rights for the folder which contains the groupmask.xml - RESTART SAP Business One and coresuite => the table should automatically be updated with the data from the groupmask.xml
  • if the above does not work, update the COR_FIN_ACCTGRPMSK with the details from the groupmask.xml manually



No reason has been found so far the COR_FIN_ACCTGRPMSK table to be empty.

This behaviour has been observed on various versions since SAP Business One 2007. This behaviour has occured on SQL as well as on HANA systems.

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