SAP FSM Mobile: Alignment of HTML Settings Screen on Windows Windows: Alignment of HTML Settings Screen

Dear customers and partners,

In order to offer full HTML Settings Screen Configuration Support on Windows as well, we'll align the Windows HTML Settings Screen with iOS/Android as follows:

  • The Add Contact button will be removed as well as the related list of contacts. A Name and an Email field will be added instead.
  • The Name field will allow for a free-text value, for example, "Jane Doe" or John Doe".
  • The Email field will allow for a free-text value, for example, "
  • Both fields will show matching suggestions


Why is it Changing? 


The Windows app previously had an Add Contact button and a list of added contacts on the HTML Settings Screen and was thus not screen configuration compliant and was not aligned with the other platforms. To restore compliance, the Windows app will be aligned with the iOS and Android apps.


When will it be available?


Client Change Available in Version
Windows 12.12.0 (3-11 April 2023)


Required Action

For the changes being effective, please upgrade to the following versions of SAP Field Service Management:

Windows: 12.12.0

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