Grid Configurator: Add hoc Top Items sold report


David Emmenegger

Purpose of the customize rule
This rule creates a configurable Menu which returns a top items sold report sorted by revenue-size over a specific time period. You can use the list for further actions like Excel-Export or similar.
Requirements for this customize rule 
-----------The rule requires coresuite Version 4.0 or higher and SAP Business One 9.0 or higher.
Procedure how to use the customize example rule
1. Download the attached *.cocu file




2. Import in SAP Business One view > Administration > Add-Ons > coresuite customize > Import / Export > Import rules > All Active


3. Restart coresuite customize


4. Open the menu Business Partners. Click on 'top sold items'. Fill in the parameter selection pop up and see your Addhoc-Report.




5. Have fun with you Grid Configuration Rule.




Configuration printscreens


The next printscreens are showing you all configurations you will find in the attached customize rule. 






IMPORTANT: when you import the customize rule but have not created the parameters yet in your system, have have to fill out this list below manually. Simply make sure you selected parameter type 'designer' and that the parameter-names are identical to the ones you see below.











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