Import Journal Vouchers from Excel


Solution Overview:

The following customize rule upon click on function button will read the journal vouchers values from an excel files and paste them into the journal voucher form.

  • function button to open a dialog box for excel file selection and import the JV lines into the JV form (COR:Add JV from Excel)


William Burgos

Please find here an updated version of the rule that uses more current version of excel sheets and correct and issue with credit not posting correctly.





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can the same solution be applied for Import AP Goods Return from excel? will that be on the row level only or also header level?


Hola Willians. Hace poco estuviste en Panamá y fue muy valiosa la información que nos suministraste


He tratado de usar OPENFILEDIALOG pero con VBCODE sin éxito. Tendrás algún Funtion Button donde pueda llamar un Excel he importar un Pedido de Mercancía a SAP.



Saludos cordiales.




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