Adding starter debug project in VS solution

Emanuele Croci

Dear all,

I would like to test my ad-hoc SwissAddonFramework module (version 4.0 and later) directly from VisualStudio.

Otherwise, to debug my module, I have to create the sip file, install it into SAP B1, re-run Coresuite and attach my VS solution to the coresuite.exe process.


Is there an alternative and most simple way to debug my VS solution running it from VisualStudio?


I know that it exist a way to run SAP B1 client and debug directly my program from VS.

I know I have to add a new VB or C# project (named SwissPlugStarter??) to my VS solution and call specific methods to bind it to my "module" class.



Please, can someone help me and explain the step to create this "utility" project?


Best regards




Emanuele Croci

Dear all,

I added the C# project (named SwissPlugStarter) to my VS solution and call specific methods to bind it to my "module" class.


My module adds a Menu item into SAP Menu...


Public Sub CreateMenu(ByVal menuItemConfiguration As SwissAddonFramework.UI.Components.MenuItem) _

        Implements coresuiteFramework.Loader.Module.IModule.CreateMenu



End Sub



but I don't know how to call this method from SwissPlugStartTester.Main.


Now, the main is like this:

public static void Main(string[] args)


            Generate_Doc_Numbering.Generate_Doc_Numbering module = new Generate_Doc_Numbering.Generate_Doc_Numbering();










The compiler don't accept the command:



Can someone help me to find the right systax, please?


Best regards






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