Memory not freed after termination of external application

Remo Kottonau

To test a DLL we are running a second test application outside of SAP B1. Every rerun of this application increases the memory used by SAP Business One.exe.

First we thought it is because some objects are not disposed properly. So we ran the [url=""]COR_StatusBar[/url] sample application which uses the SwissAddonFramework library as well. Same behaviour - memory is filled but not freed after the application is terminated.

Is there a possibility to free this memory without restarting SAP B1?

Remo Kottonau


Jose Ribeiro

How did you solve this??

Remo Kottonau

Just call method disconnect in the end: = SwissAddonFramework.B1Connector.GetB1Connector().Company; // call once only
// ... some code; // disconnect and free memory




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