FormDataAdd (!BeforeAction) wird nicht getriggert

Rafael Stalder

Hallo Zusammen

Ich entwickle zurzeit ein SIP-Modul. Wenn ich dieses Debugge funktioniert alles gut.

Wenn ich das SIP-Modul ins Coresuite Framework lade, wird jedoch der FormDataAdd-Event (!BeforeAction, also AfterAction) nicht mehr getriggert!

Ich habe das ganze schon mit Coresuite Customize versucht, dort funktioniert es auch. Wieso geht der Event nicht, wenn ich das Modul ins Coresuite Framework importiere?

Danke für eure Hilfe.

Gruss Rafael

Paolo Manfrin

Hi Rafael, did you sorted out this issue? I tested in my environment and the two events are working fine.



Paolo Manfrin

Hi Rafael,

did you manage to solve this issue? I tested the event on my environment and it does work fine.

Are you sure that the coresuiteSAPDlls are matching your SAP installation?



Rafael Stalder

Hi Paolo

Yes i tried to solve, but then i've decided to do the development with coresuite customize.

it's strange, in coresuite customize the FormDataAdd "AfterAction" works.

The coresuiteSAPDlls are exactly the same like in my SAP installation. Maybe the problem could be the C# project solution. So i will try the same with an example project you posted in another thread.

greetings rafael



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