Overwrite SAP standard preview functionality

Sebastian Jackels


i am looking for a way to enable the preview icon on the sap b1i menu in order to execute a print def which is on another form for example on the servicecall.

I know that you guys did that with the coresuite designer so I asked myself how you did that.

I know how to listen to menu event and then call my function, but how do you suppress the sap standard funcionality behind the menuitems. For example when you take a form with no print def and you click on the preview icon in the upper left then the print preferences came up.

What I need to know is how do you stop for example the print preferences from poping up?

Any helpwould be greatly appreciated

Kind Regards


Paolo Manfrin

Hi Sebastian,

you could create a rule which is returning FALSE. That will stop the event to go further.

Please see the attached screenshot.





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