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I'm here to ask gurus for help.

I'm tasked to expand our addon for sapbo adding support for coresuite (to run on clients with coresuite running).

What I've to create is the functionality to generate a pdf of a document (given current user, objtype and docentry) without the user seeing it (no user input or preview).

Simply, we grab sapbo event on the document save and generate the pdf of it in the background.

Witch options do I have to do it ? ideas ?

I've already tryied batch and remote printing (they show the pdf's preview to the user, witch is not wanted).

Thanks in advance.


Paolo Manfrin

Hi Emon,

when are you triggering the action?

You could create an optimizer rule containing the following command:

LayoutHelper.LD.ExecutePrintDef("printDefCode", LayoutHelper.LayoutOpener.OpenLayoutModes.PDF, paramList);

This will trigger designer to execute a specific print definition and you will give all parameters necessary for the creation of the report.

In the tab "Email/Fax" you can configure the export path where the PDF will be saved.



Michael Weil



I have tried with your optimizer rule.


What I get is the new subfolder given in the print definition at "Email/Fax" but this subfolder is empty. No PDF-File created/saved.

That is the same behaviour that "it-Manara" described in the post:


Any idea? As it produces the subfolder given with printdefinition, the rule should be executed.


Thank you.





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