LD.ProcessArchive Event

Marcel Kieboom

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone has an example of catching an LD.ProcessArchive Event.

I'm trying to implement some functionality after a coresuite layout is executed (email, pdf etc.)

However I'm not sure how to catch the event in C#.

Kind regards,


Marcel Kieboom

Maybe some extra info would be handy.

I'm creating an C# Coresuite Module to catch print/pdf/e-mail events, filter the document type(s) I'm interested in an upload these documents directly to our document management system.

First I was using the coresuite optimizer and listen to the coresuite Designer LayoutDef event and call some functions inside the extended code. However because of the size of the script, I decided to move it to an module.

I hope someone could point me in the right direction or give some advice because I'm pretty stuck at the moment.

Marcel Kieboom

After some testing I found a solution to the "problem" mentioned above. (if it was a problem and not just lack of knowledge/experience)

I created an C# class, imported it as a SIP package and eventually include the class within my layout.

Within the layout I created an instance of the class, set some parameters and everything works fine.



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