pVal object is missing

Paul Witmond


I'm developing a solution for our customer.

We alway's used Customize but we switched to Framework.

Everything is working fine but we can't find the object pVal

I'm developing in C#

Who has the solution ?



Martin Ehrensberger

Hello Paul,

Is it possible to send us some more informations? Which data do you need where? :)

"...developing a solution for our customer...." - what is this solution about? (just that we know in which context your question is in, in order understand your question a bit better...)


Martin Ehrensberger

Paul Witmond

Hi Martin,

We have created a screen with a Matrix.

Inside the matrix there is a ChooseFromList.

Based on the primaryfieldvalue from the CFL inside the CFL eventhander I need to know the rownumber of the matrix so i can write an additional line to the matrix (if nessecary)

If I use coresuite optimizer I can use= pVal.row ,pVal.coluid and pVal.form everywhere in the code . But not inside the current framework code

In my project I have the following includes :

using System;

using System.Collections.Generic;

using System.Linq;

using System.Text;

using SwissAddonFramework.UI.EventHandling.ItemEvents;

using SwissAddonFramework.UI.Components;

using SwissAddonFramework.UI.Dialogs;

using SwissAddonFramework.Messaging;

using coresuiteFramework;

Anders Olsson

Hi Paul,

The pVal object is constructed by customize itself to provide context specific data, e.g. current form.

When developing modules you have to get such info yourself for example by checking which row of a matrix is selected.





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