ComboBoxGridColumn and ChooseFromList in a grid


Dear all,

I have created a grid in a new Folder in system Form (320).

This folder has to be the same as the partners folder but is linked to a UDT cause the BP partners can be Lead.

I have 1 Column related with Business Partners Linked and ChooseFromList

Others columns with ComboBox.

I haven't found anywhere the way to manage or handle the events on these 2 types of objects.

(CFL on TextEditGridColumn, ComboBoxGridColumn)

On my ComboBoxGridColumn a have a special value for calling another form.

So i want to catch the before event and test the key or value selected

What is the good way to read the ComboBox.

I tried: ComboBox.GetFromUID(pVal.Form, pVal.ColUID).Selected.Description;

but it doesn't work at all.

Can anybody help me with sample code (either C# ou VB)

Thanks a lot.

Sorry I made a mistake. Its not on the right forum....

It's a customize question in fact!!!

Paolo Manfrin

Hi Myriam,

the event you're looking for is the Select handler:

ComboBox.GetFromUID(pVal.Form, "myID").AddHandler_Select(ModeComponent.FormModes.ALL, beforeEventMethod, afterEventMethod)





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