Beginner having problems with SIP deployment

Jeroen Swanborn

Hi all,


I'm trying to deploy my first program through the Coresuite Updater. If I run the application (which creates a simple form with a Grid) in debug mode everything works smoothly.

I zip the DLL file into a .SIP file and upload it with the Coresuite administration tool. The DLL is in the list, I click 'install' and it vanishes out the list, but at the bottom it says .SIP imported succesfully, and the DLL is in the Coresuite Addon folder.

Now I restart the Coresuite Addon, but my program doesn't work. It should add a menuitem (which it does in debug mode), but it's not there..

What am I doing wrong, or how could I find out what's going wrong?

It's probably something very stupid.. sorry for that :)





Paolo Manfrin

Hi Jeroen,

the best way to track error is the usage of the debuglog. You can use a structure like the following

try {



catch (Exception ex)


SwissAddonFramework.Messaging.Debug.WriteError("Error at point X " + ex.Message, MessageLevel.Exception);


If you import and run your addon and an error occours you should be able to track it using the debugLog.xml into the %tmp% folder.

Another important thing to remember when you create a .sip file is to include the sipinfo.xml file (check e.g. the enterprise search sipinfo in order to understand how it works... it's really simple).

If you don't see the name of your addon be sure that one of your classes implements the IModule interface which is called by the framework when it starts and the Name, Version, etc... properties are implemented.





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