Sort on Grid column

Andrea Gigliotti


On a UDF I have a grid already filled (also ordered).

I created a new UDF to add a new row to that grid.

The problem is that the row just added is placed at the grid bottom.

I need to sort the grid's values based on a grid column value.

Is it possible and how ?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards


Marco Schweighauser

Hi Andrea,

With SAP 2007 there is no possibility to re-order the grid. You would need to empty the grid and fill it again in the correct order to simulate the behavior - but it never worked correctly for me.

If think the Matrix object of SAP is able to insert rows in the correct order. Unfortunately its not as easy to use as the grid.

Kind regards,


Manuel Marhold


since SP01 PL?? it is possible.



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