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Massimiliano Luppis

we are working about an add-on that several customers are already installed. Sometimes the upgrade requires changes in db tables, sometimes it contains new features that require actions the user has to complete to ensure the right execution of the add-on.
Would be possible to add some sort of message in the sip file, so this info were displayed in a new column in coresuite administration ?
Thanks in advance

Marco Schweighauser

Please insert a file named "sipinfo.xml" in the root of your sipfile.
If a link in the "changeloglink" element is provided the coresuite administration will show up a symbol to the user where he can lick to get more information. It is not possible to define own columns.

guid of your sip (usually the one from your module)
readable name of your sip (will be displayed in the administration)
1 (version of your sip)
link to a homepage with more information (e.g.

Massimiliano Luppis

Well, I think that a short message visible directly in the coresuite administration grid would be more effective.
However the link can be a solution, thank you Marco.



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