Not editable Form field

Roberto Marra

Hi there,
got a problem with the Form 139 (Sales Order) Item(38).Column[123]. This column is the GrosProfit and is automatic calculated by SAP doing Quantity*GrossPrice.

Now due to the fact that we use unitPrice as well and we want to reflect the GrosProfit based on Quantity*UnitPrice I thought was easy, just a matter to put an Handler on the UnitPrice and then setValue for the Column[123] that is the GrossProfit.

The problem is that the GrosProfit Column is not editable so I got an error trying to write value on that field.

Any of you faced some problem related with no editable field before, how can I solve it?

Thnx in advance


Marco Schweighauser

The only way to do this is to show a nice error message to the user. The user has to manually make the column editable. Unfortunately there is no way to do this automatic.

Kind regards,


Roberto Marra

The user cannot manually make this column[123] editable coz the checkBox of the form setting is disable by SAP

Thnx anyway




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