Font and label dimension

Massimiliano Luppis

I created an add-on with several forms. If a user change the font increasing size, from 10 to 12 for example, all open forms are adapted to new font so all labels are written in properly size.
However forms not active seem not reflet the change when they open, so labels are written in the new font but label dimensions are not changed, the final effect is some labels are truncated.

For example, a label in an XML document is defined width=100 caption="This is my label".
A user changes the font from Tahoma 10 to Tahoma 14, opening the form the label is displayed as "This is my l" (truncating the last characters). However if the user open the form and THEN changes the font, label size is also increased so it properly displays "This is my label".

Is there a method that can be called from the add-on to adapt forms to new fonts ?

Thanks in advance

Marco Schweighauser

There is not automatic way to adapt the dimensions. The only way would be to change the label sizes after loading the form or to make them a little bigger to match font size 10.

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