Combobox Separator

Massimiliano Luppis

I have a form with a combobox that lists several document types, the user can select a particular type to filter only some documents (Journal Entry, A/P Invoice and so on).
I wish to subdivide document types and I use this ValidValue: ("(-", "(-")).
The separator works fine, it shows a continuous line in the list and it cannot be selected by user, however it seems that only one of this ValidValues can be added to combobox, the second one results in an error (ValidValue already exists).
If I change the second ValidValue in something like to ("(1", "(-")) the value is added to the combobox list but it is not managed as a separator and the user can select it with all problems that follow.
I saw a similar issue in the SBO SDK forum, but I found no answer.
Anyone worked about this question ?
Thanks in advance

Marco Schweighauser

I think it is not possible to make more than one separator.

One thing you could do would be to catch the select event and check if it is a separator (Use 1, 2,3 as key tzo make more than one). If yes, set the old value back.

Kind regards


Massimiliano Luppis

I was afraid of that ...



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