Grid with sub total rows

Massimiliano Luppis

I wish to know if a grid with CollapseLevel = 1 can be used to display sub totals in collapsed rows.
Let say that the grid is populated with a query like this:

SELECT CardCode, DocNum, DocDate, DocTotal FROM Table

Collapsing at level 1 show one row for each CardCode but it seems that this collapsed rows cannot be accessed to insert the sum of DocTotal column.

I tried to create a second Table with totals for each CardCode and populate the Grid with a SELECT .. UNION.
In this case I see the total but still not able to insert the total in the collapsed rows.

Is there a method to accomplish this or is it impossible ?

Thanks in advance

Adrian Meier

Hi Massimiliano

This is the bad thing about the SAP UI. It is not possible. The only way is that one with the UNION-Query, or you open a development-request by sap...

Best regards, Adrian

Massimiliano Luppis

Oh well, at least I will not waste time trying to solve an impossible problem ...
Thanks for your support Adrian.



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