.Net Framework 4 support

Thomas Bühler

Hi everyone,


I am trying to install a sip-File that is based on .Net framework 4.

For a test I have used a very simple addon that just shows a message box.

After having installed the file I can see the DLL in the coresuite folder which is fine, so this is not a permission issue.

When I open the coresuite module configuration the new addon doesn't appear in the list...

Now I was checking the database:

The table [coresuite].[dbo].[modules] contains the sip properly whereas [@COR_COR_MODULESUSER]

 and [@COR_COR_MODULES] in the SAP DB don't contain a record about the sip.


I have removed everything and started from scratch, but this time I have changed the .Net Framework version to 3.5 of my test project.

I follow exactly the same approach in order to install it...and now the sip appears in the list and has also been added correctly to all database tables above.


So my question is: isn't it possible to make use of the .net 4 framework? I was quite sure having read some infos about the latest update of the coresuite where the .net 4 version should be supported.


Thanks a lot in advance,




I am using SAP B1 9 PL 04 and the latest coresuite 3.90.


Sonja Altschuh

Hello Thomas,


did you check the following Forum Entry: http://forum.coresystems.ch/index.php?/topic/6205-framework-development-version/

as well as the following FAQ http://forum.coresystems.ch/index.php?/topic/6205-framework-development-version/?


Kind regards,


Thomas Bühler

Hi Sonja,


thanks for your reply.

Yes, I took exactly the DLLs in the zip file available at the posts you mentioned.

Also I cared for 32bit/64bit handling due to the fact I am using Windows 7 64bit environment.

By the way it I tried the same with one one the sample projects, result was exactly the same.


Thanks and best regards,


Sonja Altschuh

Hi Thomas,


you mention "due to the fact I am using Windows 7 64bit environment". The 32-bit/64-bit refers to the actual SAP Business One Client Applications, and not the OS. With SAP Business One 9.0, SAP made the two different Client applications available but e.g. on your 64-bit OS you can install both Clients the 32-bit and the 64-bit.


As a Partner, please contact our support team directly in this matter and provide the information from the debug log.


Kind regards,





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