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Paolo Manfrin

Please find attached the development framework and API manual for developing your own addon using the coresuite framework. This development version is aligned with coresuite v. 4.00 and is based on .NET Framework 4.0




The project should be set as "Any CPU" when running in debug mode connected to SAP B1 64bit client

The project should be set as "x86" when running in debug mode connected to SAP B1 32bit client.


When creating the .sip remember to take the version compiled as "Any CPU" to guarantee that you sip will work with both 32 and 64bit client.


Remember to use the SAPbobsCOM and SAPbouiCOM dlls which are matching your SAP version. Those can be found at .

After uncompressing them you will find a subfolder named x64 which contains the SAP dlls compatible with SAP B1 64bit.


When you are developing your application in Visual Studio ensure that you are using the 32 bit dlls when developing connected to B1 32bit client and the 64bit dlls when developing connected to B1 64bit client.


NOTE 1 : Most of the addons will require a recompilation due to the double compatibility with 32 and 64bit. If an addon is not loaded by the framework check your debugLog to obtain more information.

NOTE 2 : Your projects should be set to use .NET Framework 4.0 as compilation engine. When referencing the SAPbobsCOM.dll and SAPbouiCOM.dll make sure that the property "Embed Interop Type" for those two dlls is set to NO.



In case you need the latest version of the framework based on .NET Framework 3.5, you find it here: []

Massimiliano Luppis

Hello Paolo,

I downloaded both the and the the SAPbobsCOM and SAPbouiCOM dlls at


I noted that in the there are also the 64bit SAPbobsCOM and SAPbouiCOM dlls, but they have different release:


SAPbobsCOM  6/3/2013  3,026 KB

SAPbouiCOM  5/13/2013    443 KB

vs. 8.8 for the


SAPbobsCOM 8/27/2013 2,616 KB

SAPbouiCOM 8/27/2013     396 KB

vs. 9.0 for the coresuiteSAPDlls coresuite-modules.


Since both of them seem to work with SAP 9 client 64 bit, which of the two do you suggest to use ?




Paolo Manfrin

Hi Massimiliano,

I would suggest to use the lower version (vs. 8.8) so you do not have issues with upper versions.


It is not true the other way around. If you would reference the 9.0 version you might have troubles running it on a 8.8 version as the "ground" coresuite might complain that you are referencing a dll with a higher version number than the one supported.




Emanuele Croci

Dear Paolo,

I added this ticket in the forum...

I compile the project as ANY CPU on a x64 development server including the x64 library, I'm gererating x64 executables and DLLs.

I think it's not correct deploying a x64 package for SAP B1 32-bit client.

Hence, I'd like to compile a project with x64 engine and 64-bit DLLs and deploy it in SAP B1 64-bit client

and then

compile the same project with x86 engine and 32-bit DLLs and deploy it in SAP B1 32-bit client.

I think I should change the coresuite module name for the x86 version otherwise the last deploy overwrite the first one, and I only have the x86 or the x64 version of the module, but not both versions of the same sip module.

Best regards



Roberto Marra

Dear Experts,

I finish to upgrade SAP to ver. 9.0 with trouble but at the end it works. I installed as well the last version of coresuite. Now I had some addon that for what I thought shouldn't work with the new version of coresuite because compiled with .Net Framework 3.0 but they works properly.


So my question is how come is that possible if you (Coresystem) and my SAP Partner are telling me that they don't work with the latest version of coresuite? Most of all, after upgrading coresuite I noticed that the library SAPbobsCOM and SAPBouiCOM are still dated 2011. How come that I've to rebuild with the new library dated 10.03.2014 (downloaded from your website) my addon with .Net Framework 4.0 and still the library in the coresuite folder are dated 2011??


Thank you in advance for any explanation


Roberto Marra

Paolo Manfrin

Hi Roberto,

as stated in the public FAQ ( the custom modules " might no longer work". This means that they could still work or not. This depends by which .NET Framework functions and calls you are using. Microsoft does introduce some breaking changes with every .NET (ref. so in case you are affected by breaking changes your addon will not work anymore, if not your addon will still work with the new .NET Framework.


Please note that SAPbobsCOM and SAPbouiCOM dll distributed with the installer 4.20 are always 9.0 SP00 PL00, with a previous version of the installer they were always 8.82 (back to 2011).

This is done in order to allow a smooth installation regardless of the SAP version currently installed (otherwise we would have to create a different installer for each SAP version).

After installing coresuite it is mandatory to download and install the SAP dlls which are matching your SAP version. In this case the date of the dlls will not be the 2011 version but the date will match the release period of such dll.


I hope this clarifies your thoughts.




Roberto Marra

Hi Paolo,

you gave me a cristal clear answer that I appreciate it and most of all I appreciate the prompt reply.


Have a nice one




Rafael Stalder

Hi Paolo


Where can I find the DLL "SAPBusinessOneSDK.dll" for x64 Version of SAP Business One V9.1? I can't find it in the download section.


Thank you in advance!

Sonja Altschuh

Hi Rafael,


please use the following FAQ, which contains a link to the required developmentDlls_9.1:


Kind regards,





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