Access to the matrix rows via DataSource

Raphael Strotz


I'm trying to save some values in a matrix.

Now, if i do it with SetValue i get massive performance problems, caused by 120+ rows and multiple values to set.

So i tried to do the same by using the datasources. If i use the system datasources, i get errors like "Datasource - Item is not a user-defined item".

This is caused by setting values of non-UDFs.

So i tried to set it by using the UserDatasources. But i neither can set a value nor can i specify which row should be affected.

Is there any solution to set a value of non-UDFs (in a matrix) by using the datasources?

Or are there any better solutions?

Thanks for helping me!

Paolo Manfrin

Hi Raphael, any chance to perform the operation via DI instead of UI?

Unfortunately when updating UI components SAP is pretty slow.





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