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I have created an external application using SAP DI API to process client orders.

In this application I read a sales order and generate the corresponding purchase orders.

After generating the purchase orders they are printed by generating a XML file which prints the purchase orders using coresuite batch printing.

This has several disadvantages:

- It requires SAP and coresuite to be running

- Since coresuite is only monitoring one folder and each user has it's own folder the generated file will have to be created in the folder where coresuite is listening. This involves determining the running user and is very cumbersome.

What I would like to do was to invoke some kind of code that would directly print the purchase orders print definition.

I have the following code in the external application:

SwissAddonFramework.B1Connector.GetB1DIOnlyConnector("manager", "xxxxx", "sql.server.address", SAPbobsCOM.BoSuppLangs.ln_English, "sql.server.address", SAPbobsCOM.BoDataServerTypes.dst_MSSQL2005, "database-name", errCode)

LayoutHelper.LayoutOpener.ExecutePrintDef("U0000033", LayoutHelper.LayoutOpener.OpenLayoutModes.PrnAfterSave, {"formtype", "142", "DocEntry", docentry, "layoutid", "0"})

docentry is a variable holding the just saved purchase order docentry.

This does not work as it requires coresuite to be running and an active connection to SAP to already be established.

It gives the following error:

"Only DI connected no UI possible".

Is there any way to print without having coresuite and SAP running?

SAP: 8.81 PL10

Coresuite designer/framework: 3.60

The application is totally running via SAP DI API, and does not require SAP to be running on the client machine (only to be installed for the required libraries to be available).


Paolo Manfrin


Designer is dependent by both DI and UI components so there is no chance to decouple that.




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