Flickering issue with widget

Sébastien Nadeau


We are currently developping a widget using your Coresuite core and Coresuite Framework (version 3.40) and we encounter a flickering issue that freezes SAP B1.

We originally created the widget using SAP 8.8 and Coresuite / Framework version 2.80. At the time we had no issues. But when we began upgrading our customers to version 8.81 (and later on 8.82), we got some problems.

We first drag the widget onto a empty cockpit. The widget correctly loads itself and works properly. Since our widget has a lot of information, we generally resize it to the full cockpit size. But when we quit SAP B1 and reload it after, when the widgets loads we have a flickering issue on the right border of the widget window. SAP B1 then freezes and we cannot quit or close the widget until we kill SAP B1 altogether

While we were unable to reproduce the problem without changing the resolution of the workstation's screen, we were able to reproduce the issue with a resolution change :

1) We open SAP B1 and load the Coresuite AddOn with the widget SIP installed (or in case of developpment, we start the widget in debug mode)

2) We drag the widget onto a empty cockpit and resize it to the full cockpit size

3) We quit SAP B1 (and stops the debug code if in development)

4) We change the resolution of the screen (I change mine from 1600 X 900 to 1024 X 768)

5) We restart SAP B1 and the Coresuite AddOn (or the debug code)

6) It is where we have the flickering issue on the right border of the widget

It seems that either SAP B1 or the Coresuite AddOn tries to resize or repaint the window but freezes / loops in the process

I have attached a project sample based on our widget. I removed all UI controls and irrelevant code and i kept only the code that is used to create the widget, create a .Net form within the widget and load it into the window.

If you have any more question, don't hesitate to contact us. We are on this case for several weeks now and we would appreciate some advice


Sonja Altschuh

Hello [size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Sébastien[/font][/size],

we have already discussed this issue with SAP many month ago, and the latest status is: SAP Note 1712816 has been created for the issue reported and it is currently planned to fix this behaviour in 8.82 PL8.

Your colleague has also a ticket (#3844) with us open regards this behaviour, and we will update his tickets once SAP has released this Patch respectively once we have approved this SBO Patch to run with our addon.

Kind regards,




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