Disable UDF for editing

Erik van Dongen

In the document i have User Defined Fields on header and line level. Now I want to block some of this fields for editing (editing is done by the program). What is the best way to achieve this.

If i want to disable a field on line level, i can do it like this:
Matrix matrix = Matrix.GetFromUID(form, "38");
matrix.Columns["U_IACTOR_PropStatus"].Editable = false;

The problem is that i have to do this for all the document screens AND if I also have to perform this action if they open the row detail form.

Is there a way to specify that a certain field is not editable by user?

Marco Schweighauser

The problem with the UDF fields is that they get re-enabled if the user switches data on the document.

The best thing would be to catch the GotFocus Event and set it to another Field.

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