Framework: Development Version

Marco Schweighauser

The attachment contains the framework as development version. The ZIP file contains a small documentation and some sample applications too.

Please note:

    [*]Mark the projects "Starter" as startup project.

    [*]Compile the projects as x86 on a 64 bit computer since SAP B1 is only 32 bit.

    [*]Compile the projects as x86 on a 64 bit computer since SAP B1 is only 32 bit.

    [*]You can use the newest SAPbouiCOM.dll and SAPbobsCom.dll Interop files from the coresuite productive folder to adapt to your specific SAP B1 patchlevel.


Rafael Stalder

Guten Tag Herr Schweighauser

zu dem Vorlage-Projekt im Zip-File hätte ich noch eine Frage.

Haben Sie auch Vorlage-Projekte, welche die neuen DLLs verwenden. Also SWA 2.70 und SAPBouiCOM, SAPbobsCOM aus der Version 2007 von SAP Business One?

Versuche seit geraumer Zeit diese DLLs in meinen Projekten zu ersetzen, jedoch wir dann teilweise der Code nicht mehr erkannt. Haben Sie dazu eine Lösung?

Freundliche Grüsse

Rafael Stalder

Friederike Mundt

Attached in the file FrameworkDebugDLL.rar are the new Version 2.91 of the coresuite dlls:




These can be used for any Version of SAP Business One to build your projects in debug mode.

The relevant version of the SAP dlls:

SAPbobsCOM.dll and SAPbouiCOM.dll

can be taken from the SAP Business One > AddOns > COR >coresuite folder

Kashif Ali

Hi Marco,

The attached links for some documentation and sample codes are broken. Can you upload them again for download.



Dan Wilson

hi kashif,

thanks for pointing this out. we have now updated the links and you can download the samples again using the same links:


enjoy, dan

Kashif Ali

Hi Dan,

thanks for the help. I am sure this will help others as well... new to swissaddon and framework.



Emanuele Croci

Dear guru,

I downloaded the sample packages.

I open COR_STATUSBAR and COR_Events projects into VS 2010 and recompile them as x86.

I created the sip files.

Into SAP B1 Coresuite Administration form I added the sip files and installed them. I re-run coresuite, but this 2 new modules are not in the list of Global Module Configuration, and they don't start.

They work only if I run in debug mode via VS2010.

How can I register them as new modules of Coresuite?

Best regards


Emanuele Croci

Dear support,

I solved my problem.

The SIP file must be the zipped file of the content of the debug compilation folder.

Best regards




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