DotNetForms Visible property

Mattia Ryffel

Can't find documentation about them...

my Form implements SAPDotNetForm, is there a property or method to get the background SAP form??

The forms visible proprerty is bypassed by something, does not work...

i was wondering if there was a easier way to get the sap form directly from sapdotnetform, without browsing them all...

Mattia Ryffel

i suppose this is goin to be fixed with the SAPDotNet Panel, so nevermind

Marco Schweighauser

Hello Mattia,

i will release some new examples soon. The old SAPDotNetForm are faking a complete SAP form. Therefore there isn't any SAP form to control.

The new SAPDotNetForm is using a real SAP form and just uses a .Net Panel to but the .Net components into SAP. There wil be a property called SAPForm to access the underlying SAP form.



Mattia Ryffel

i've switched all my .netforms to the new implementation

works like charm!

i've only got some issues about the form components bgcolor...
some .net components (like tabbed folders) doesn't implement a bgcolor property... but its not such a big problem =)



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