[Matrix] rowNumber vs LineNum

Mattia Ryffel

In the marketing documents matrix ("38") i would like to extract the LineNumber of the first detail table (ex: rdr1.linenum) of a corresponding Row inside the matrix.
The problems comes when there are subtotals and text lines: the lineNum does not follow the rows order, and visOrdr neither. (no data inside xxx1 can tell me about the position of the row)

One safe solution could be to query all the 12 detail tables to try to reconstruct the correct lineNum... :roll:

Anyone ever encountered this problem?

Marco Schweighauser

Hello Mattia,

you need to calculate the "real" number by yourself. You can use the tables RDR1 and RDR10 to do that.



Mattia Ryffel

Just for information i found an easy way to do this:

select LineNum where visOrder = count of lines(inside the matrix) with empty type (not special lines)



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