Roberto Marra

Hi everybody,
I got a Matrix where in one of my column I want to use a linkButton so during creation of the Matrix I did:
mtx.Columns.Add("col01", MatrixColumn.MatrixItemType.LinkedButton);

Before that I declared a LinkButton in this way:

LinkedButton LB = LinkedButton.CreateNew("LB00");
LB.LinkedObject = LinkedButton.ObjectType.BusinessPartner;

And then I did:
LB.LinkTo = mtx.Columns["col01"].UniqueID;

Everything fine during compilation, but in run time nothing happen when I press the orange button, the idea should be to open a BP Form. Do I miss something?

Thnx for any reply

Roberto Marra

Hi Coresuite Team & all Users,
sometimes I got the impression that Im asking weird or very difficult question. Anyway my question are related to Coresuite Framework Object, a Framework that you guys (Coresuite Team) created, and for sure you did a great job.

As a user and beginning with develop with the framework I feel sometimes frustrated, because apart some rarely cases, just Adrian Meier reply, what about all the other? All Forum I know, everybody try to help everybody. But seems here is not the case.

Sorry for this post and forgive my give vent.

My Best Regards to all


Adrian Meier

Hi Roberto

There must be a valid cardcode in the field. if yes, it sould work, because this is a sap standard functionality. You can test, if anything happens, when you try to catch the linkpressed event.

Our forum has free support. So it can be, that it dures some time for an answer. If you need urgent support, it is also possible to call us. But in this case support is invoicable. The easisest way to learn to program with the framework is to join a workshop for that by us.

Best regards, Adrian

Roberto Marra

Hi Adrian,
thx for your reply. Actually there was a valid CardCode but didn't work as well. So at the end I switch to SDK library and now it works.

Talking about the forum, most of the forum got a free support, but the forum is made not just by the creator or the moderator of the forum but from every user. Every user try to help eachother. Btw, if here works like that its ok, good to know.

I took a course of the framework, here in Lugano. But take a course and then work on real problem is different. When you work for real you face things that you didn't see in the course, for instance in my case we didn't see the Matrix Object, coz "is better use the Grid".

Anyway I don't want to be polemic.

Thnx for your support


Adrian Meier

Hi Roberto

I will forward this thread to the developer. So he can fix the problem.

In courses it is difficult to impart the hole knowledge of all possibility of the framework.

Best Regards, Adrian

Roberto Marra

Hi Adrian,
and thank you. Pls don't think I don't appriciate what you are doing for help everybody.

Your support is really appriciate I guess by all of us.

My Best Regards

Marco Schweighauser

Hello Roberto,

it is not possible to add a LinkedButton object to a Matrix in SAP B1. Instead you have to use the LnikedButton column, which is already a LinkedButton.

mtx.Columns.Add("col01", MatrixColumn.MatrixItemType.LinkedButton);
LinkedButton LB = mtx.Columns["col01"].LinkButton;
LB.LinkedObject = LinkedButton.ObjectType.BusinessPartner;

Kind regards,


Roberto Marra

Hi Marco,
ok I'll try it in that way then & I'll let you know.


Marco Schweighauser

There is an error in the framework if you use the linked button inside the matrix. This erorr will be fixed with the next update.

This code demonstrates the linked button inside the matrix:

Form form = SwissAddonFramework.UI.Components.Form.CreateNewForm("myForm", SwissAddonFramework.Utils.UniqueStringGenerator.Next());
Matrix m = Matrix.CreateNew("m");
m.SetSize(300, 200);

UserDatasource usg1 = UserDatasource.CreateNew("usg1");
usg1.Length = 256;


m.Columns.Add("RowsHeader", MatrixColumn.MatrixItemType.TextEdit);
m.Columns["RowsHeader"].Value = "#";
m.Columns["RowsHeader"].Editable = false;

m.Columns.Add("lnk", MatrixColumn.MatrixItemType.LinkedButton);
m.Columns["lnk"].DataBind.SetBind(true, "", "usg1");
m.Columns["lnk"].LinkButton.LinkedObject = SAPbouiCOM.BoLinkedObject.lf_BusinessPartner;

m.SetValue("lnk", 0, "C1000");

Roberto Marra

thank you very much for your support is really appriciate.

So waiting for the next release of the framework, would you accept my
Best Regards




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