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Opening a Grid via Golden Arrow in a Grid


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  • Sebastian Roehn

    Hello Dennis,

    I know only one option, but not with the grid generator. You can also create and show a grid with a function button rule. On the function button code you create a form with a grid. The grid gets a column with "golden arrow".

    In this code example oGrid4 is the main grid with a column "Herstellartikel", which has a link to item master data. Now catch the linkpressed event when user clicks on the link but redirect instead to a new form with its own grid. The new form and grid is in the code the function Grid4_LinkTo_Details(...)

    // create Link on Name column of grid
    o_f1_gc1 = ((SwissAddonFramework.UI.Components.TextEditGridColumn) oGrid4.Columns["Herstellartikel"].SpecificGridColumn);
    o_f1_gc1.LinkObjectType = "2"; // this is just a dummy value!
    SwissAddonFramework.UI.EventHandling.ItemEvents.LinkPressedEventHandler evGrid4 = null;
    evGrid4 = delegate(SwissAddonFramework.UI.EventHandling.ItemEvents.LinkPressed o_f1_eventVal)
    //deactivate SAP link to
    o_f1_eventVal.ExecuteSAPAction = false; 
    // create form with grid --> production order Details of seletced item 
    Grid4_LinkTo_Details(oGrid4.GetValue("Herstellartikel", o_f1_eventVal.Row), oGrid4.GetValue("Bezeichnung", o_f1_eventVal.Row), oTxtEdit5.Value.Replace(",", "."), oTxtEdit18.Value, oTxtEdit19.Value);
    // add event to object
    o_f1_gc1.AddHandler_LinkPressed(SwissAddonFramework.UI.Components.ModeComponent.FormModes.ALL, evGrid4);

    I hope it helps!


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