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ExecutePrintDef in 7.8 showing a parameter pop-up if parameter input order is defined in layout



  • Lothar Hasenkämper

    Hi Andrew,

    have you tried to use it with fix parameters?

    In my opinion the fields must stand in "" like

    "ItemCode", "1234", "SubCatNum", "987"

    regards Lothar

  • Andrew Jones

    No luck with that, you're right that the param names were originally surrounded by quotes and I must've dropped those out while doing some trial and error, but I put the quotes back in around the parameter names and I have the same issue (input string error message, or the parameter box pops up when I have an input order defined in the layout).

    I'm wondering what a creative workaround to the issue might be, possibly storing the parameters in a UDT and just pulling in from there as long as multiple users aren't running the layout at a time, but we're conserving hours on the project and trying to just get migrated at this point.

    Definitely if I don't have the parameters ordered in the layout, I can't launch it at all with ExecutePrintDef, and I've verified the order of parameters matches what's in Crystal, so it's a bit of a head-scratcher.


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